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Our Owner’s Philosophy

Cleaning companies are mostly the same. We are all trying to find and keep the best employees in order to find and keep the best clients. Those seeking a clean home have 3 options: 1) To clean it themselves, 2) To hire a sole individual, or 3) To hire a company. To clean your own home deprives you of the time you would otherwise have available to spend in a leisurely manner. Choosing leisure over cleaning leaves you relaxing in a mess. Thus, many choose wisely, and hire someone else to clean. This decision affords the best of both worlds: leisure and ambiance. To hire a sole proprietor generally means seeking, interviewing, background checking, and training over and over again each time you lose your last cleaner. However, those who elect to hire a company, experience an invisible, miraculous-like phenomena where the home is made clean through no effort whatsoever of their own.

The responsibility I undertake on your behalf is to create an environment that allows the hardest workers to thrive. I am constantly interviewing, training, encouraging and motivating. When building our schedule, I strike a balance between workload and workforce so that in the event an employee calls out sick, has a family emergency, or can’t clean your house for any reason, someone else you can trust is dispatched to your home to clean for you. My crews come equipped with everything they need including freshly sanitized towels, cleaning solutions of all varieties, a powerful vacuum and more. If a crew is running low on supplies, their vacuum breaks or they need fresh towels, the items they need are dispatched to your job. All of this work done behind the scenes, ensures that you have a seamless experience and walk into a castle that feels… fresh. And since we accept all major credit cards, even paying for your service is a breeze.

Our rates are competitive, transparent and adequate to keep our employees starting pay at least 10% above the industry average. We provide reliable company vehicles, phones and equipment to many of our people so you can count on them to show up and get the job done the way you expect it to be done. Also important is the fact that nearly all of our employees speak English as their native language.

Background checking new recruits only reveals what they got caught doing. We randomly ask clients permission to place hidden cameras in their home for the duration of a service. And we make our use of hidden camera technology known to all employees to deter irresponsible behavior and discourage undesirables from joining our team.

As the owner, I recognize the vital need to lead by example, projecting my own reliability, accountability, punctuality and humility. Hypocritical leaders spawn resentful subordinates, so I hold myself to a standard much higher than any of my employees. Employees know that they can count on being paid every week and receiving the support they require to perform their duties. I arrive at my office by 7:30am almost every day and do not leave until I know that all jobs for the day have been accounted for. I am personally available all day to speak with employees or clients about virtually anything you’d like to discuss.

When you hire a cleaning company, you aren’t hiring the employees, you’re hiring the owner. Working with Castle Fresh will not be a perfect experience, but you will know that I am always working hard behind the scenes to make it as close to perfect as possible.

-Brian Enyart Jr