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Our Story

In October of 2012 I started Castle Fresh House Cleaning. My first client was my very own grandma. Her tenants hadn’t paid their rent in 3 months and she was close to losing the rental home she’d been paying off for several years. She didn’t know what to do, so she called her favorite grandson (me) for advice. “I’ll take care of it Grandma!” was all I said. I drove down to the house and gave the tenants two options. Either take $100 cash to pack up and leave by the end of the day or face eviction and a lawsuit. The tenants took the $100 cash and were out the next day. One problem was solved but a bigger problem loomed for poor grandma. The house was a disaster and without new tenants she was sure to lose the home. Not one to leave a job only half finished, I called a few friends and cousins into action and by the end of the day the home looked new and smelled fresh. A few signs posted around town brought in several prospective tenants and within 1 week the property was rented to a wonderful newly-wed couple who still resides there to this day. Thinking back on all the scrubbing, polishing, and elbow grease, I realized I had a knack for it. With over a decade’s experience in marketing and business development I put together a business plan and thus Castle Fresh was born. Initially we intended to offer cleaning, property management and eviction services, but the demand for our “every nook and cranny” cleaning expertise has been too great to give us any time to help people manage their properties! Our routine house cleaning services are priced by the hour so you pay only for the time you use and we guarantee your satisfaction or we’ll make it right. We hire the best, pay them the best and treat them the best so they’ll be ready to give YOU their very best at every single service.

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