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Our Guarantee

We promise to do everything humanly possible, from the moment you first contact us, to give you a pleasurable experience. From scheduling you, to sending reminder emails, to conducting a quality service and processing your payment we want our service to be invisible and efficient. Our goal is to give you your life back. If we can take one thing off your plate – the task of keeping your home clean – we’ve succeeded. But sometimes we fall short, it’s a fact of life, the human condition. What do we do about our shortcomings? If you’re not happy with your service, call us right away and we’ll send someone back right away to fix it for free. If it ever happens again we’ll come back to fix it and give you 50% off. If your crew just doesn’t mesh well with your particular needs let us know and the next service with a different crew is free of charge. And of course, if we’re meeting or exceeding your expectations a good review or a word of encouragement are always appreciated. Our customer service reps are available by phone or email 9a – 5p Monday to Friday 720-446-6328 You have a lot of choices in the house cleaning industry, thank you so much for choosing Castle Fresh.