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Lack of Maintenance Policies

Our function is to get your home clean, no matter how dirty it is. If your home is lacking in maintenance, the thought of bringing it back to sparkling excites us! However, in the interest of your own satisfaction with our work, please be aware that cleaning a home that has not been maintained will result in additional charges. The pictures below should help illustrate what is meant by a lack of maintenance. Please be candid regarding the condition of your home so that we can recommend the right service for you! There is a $99 health hazard fee to clean human or animal feces, urine, blood, and/or vomit. This charge goes toward a bonus for the crew and toward replacement of towels, gloves and other supplies which are discarded when cleaning up hazardous matter.

toilet-before-after copy
Faucet cleaning before and after
Floor cleaning before and after

Any surface that is not cleaned at least once every other week by you or a cleaning staff is considered to be lacking in maintenance. Get into a routine schedule with us so that your home will always look and smell fresh!