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5 Tips For Keeping A Clean And Organized Kitchen

Many kitchens are the centerpieces of homes. Families gather in the kitchen and use it almost constantly, whether making cups of hot chocolate or holiday feasts. However, a messy and disorganized kitchen can quickly become maddening. Also, an unclean kitchen can get pretty gross within a few days. Below are some necessary cleaning tips to have a clean and organized kitchen:

1. Clean as you go

Make sure you and your family clean small kitchen messes immediately after they happen and stay on top of all minor house cleaning. For example, everyone must wipe the microwave after tomato soup has exploded in it. Put all cups directly in the dishwasher after using them instead of placing them near the dishwasher.

2. Put everything in a logical place

Put commonly used cooking utensils in a place where they can easily be reached. Also, have a designated and logical place for all kitchen items. Keep all baking sheets and cake pans near the oven, and keep all sponges and soap near the sink.

3. Buy jars for staple food items

Instead of letting your sugar and flour sit in crumpled bags, invest in airtight jars which can be labeled accordingly. Jars are easier to move around than bags in addition to being more space efficient. Throw out spoiled items or items that you do not use.

4. Throw out junk

Trash rusted vegetable peelers and broken utensils instead of accumulating them. If the item is no longer useful, get rid of it.

5. Schedule a weekly deep clean

Many necessary kitchen cleaning tasks donít need to be done every day. Set aside a day to scrub your kitchen sink, wash the outside of all kitchen appliances, pull out appliances to clean underneath them, organize, disinfect all countertops, etc. A weekly deep clean is an absolute necessity for your kitchen as well as your entire home.

House cleaning can take a lot of time and elbow grease. However, almost nothing is better than walking into a clean kitchen.

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