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Famous Houses

We’ll add to this list as we begin handling more historic and interesting homes:

Buffalo Bill’s Sister’s House (the home he died in)
Cody died of kidney failure on January 10, 1917, surrounded by family and friends at his sister’s house in Denver. Cody was baptized into the Catholic Church the day before his death by Father Christopher Walsh of the Denver Cathedral.[44][45][46] He received a full Masonic funeral.[47] Upon the news of Cody’s death, tributes were made by George V, Kaiser Wilhelm II, and President Woodrow Wilson.[48] His funeral service was in Denver at the Elks Lodge Hall. The Wyoming governor John B. Kendrick, a friend of Cody’s, led the funeral procession to the cemetery.

Richtofen Castle
Baron Walter von Richthofen, an uncle of Manfred von Richthofen, emigrated from Silesia to the United States in 1877. He founded the Denver Chamber of Commerce, and was co-founder of Montclair, Denver at that time a village east of Denver but now incorporated into the city. His Richthofen Castle was one of the most sumptuous mansions in the American West. Begun in 1883 and completed in 1887, it was modeled on the original Richthofen Castle in Germany. Located immediately around the Castle are the Baron’s mistress’s house and his sanitarium/dairy.